Just like
a bullet in the night like
the steam left in the sky I
just let it linger way to long
this my exit song
I feel like
a petal from a daffodil
see my color
now my soul's my will
like to keep my hands real clean
you weren't for me
don't dust your dirty shoes
your filthy ways
that evil mind
I called your bluff
you think I won't
I'm not that nice

Uh oh...
Let's roll...

This me
I don't need no fixing
don't need no icing
why'd you even knock at my door
I mean
what for
All I
ever did was compromise
Can't no one person be
always right
let you have it when you cried
I let it fly
A simple man will lie
he'll cheat he'll steal
that's no surprise
and thank you for
your shady ways
it's made me like

Uh oh...
Let's roll..


(My mama say, my daddy say, I can make mistakes
and that's okay
I know you can
I know you will
Just don't give up
Yea, that's the deal)




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