I'm Not A Hipster EP: The Mishal Moore & DJ Fonti Project

by Mishal Moore

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(free) 05:40


released May 22, 2012

All songs written and performed by Mishal Moore

All songs produced by DJ Fonti & Mishal Moore

Background Vox: Mishal Moore, Rob Knight, DJ Fonti, Elliott Chambers, Tamiko Chambers, Tyshan Johnson

Percussion: Amanda Brown, Mishal Moore

Piano, ukulele: Mishal Moore

Bass: Lawrence Insula

Mixed by Toni Economides
Recorded at BushBash Recordings in London, UK
Art and graphics by Voltairess

© Cocobread Entertainment



all rights reserved
Track Name: Wolf
I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf
He's my friend
always has been
Looks out for me
when it's dark and it's foggy
I never know when I'm a victim
Never a scream no never a doubt
Free me up I'm barefoot
Rain up above
no fear straight ahead
I'm the sun, I'm the moon
I'm a problem
He and me
are one
ya see
I speak of me
A prowler, a danger,
a warrior

I only eat when its dark outside
Catch me awake under starlight
The price I pay
for a meal everyday
the solution for my appetite
Call me a monster that's what I'll be
I've got a hunger
you don't want to feed me
Tattoo my face on your chest
I'm a symbol
Hide my fangs but
they can feel your heartbeat
Track Name: Love Again
If I let you back in
would you love me
like you once did
Carry the torch out
to the sky
I won't pretend
I still need the moon
Cause the stars are calling
The clouds are falling down

For a long long time
I didn't believe
I could ever be
in love
Now I hold
my hands in the air
my face to the wind
Love again


I don't see the danger
just want to share my heart with you
We could be two birds in a tree
I'll take care of you
and you'll protect me
Cause I know
our love will grow
if you stay

For a long long time
I didn't believe
I could ever be
in love
Now I hold
my hands in the air
my face to the wind
Love again

Track Name: IHYFI
I have got a feeling
and you see there is this needing
It's to you that I am speaking
Baby it has stopped my breathing
Where are we both going
'cause I'm not sure that you're knowing
You should probably take advantage
You may see this as a challenge
You see
I love you
Been thinking of you
I'll be the love who
will always love you

I'll help you feel it...

They say it's forever
and it only gets much better
but I know we've got to be yea
got to be on the same level
I see that you need me
don't you say that you do need me
well, unless of course you mean it
hope and pray to god he means it
means it
Don't be scared my love
Kiss my hand make love
Won't stop til you say so
No need to speak
Just let it go

I'll help you feel it...

(Let it go)
(I'll help you feel it)
Track Name: Soldier
I really wish
there was some other way
I've been trying to speak
my mind
words don't make any sense
My tears explain it the best
and oh, I've been waiting
for how long I don't know
Trying to stay afloat
I'm walking and running around
the same circle

Although it grows colder
I march like a soldier
upward onward
stay strong
I'll stand at the front line
and wait for the right time
Upward onward
stay strong
Track Name: Let's Roll
Just like
a bullet in the night like
the steam left in the sky I
just let it linger way to long
this my exit song
I feel like
a petal from a daffodil
see my color
now my soul's my will
like to keep my hands real clean
you weren't for me
don't dust your dirty shoes
your filthy ways
that evil mind
I called your bluff
you think I won't
I'm not that nice

Uh oh...
Let's roll...

This me
I don't need no fixing
don't need no icing
why'd you even knock at my door
I mean
what for
All I
ever did was compromise
Can't no one person be
always right
let you have it when you cried
I let it fly
A simple man will lie
he'll cheat he'll steal
that's no surprise
and thank you for
your shady ways
it's made me like

Uh oh...
Let's roll..


(My mama say, my daddy say, I can make mistakes
and that's okay
I know you can
I know you will
Just don't give up
Yea, that's the deal)