I have got a feeling
and you see there is this needing
It's to you that I am speaking
Baby it has stopped my breathing
Where are we both going
'cause I'm not sure that you're knowing
You should probably take advantage
You may see this as a challenge
You see
I love you
Been thinking of you
I'll be the love who
will always love you

I'll help you feel it...

They say it's forever
and it only gets much better
but I know we've got to be yea
got to be on the same level
I see that you need me
don't you say that you do need me
well, unless of course you mean it
hope and pray to god he means it
means it
Don't be scared my love
Kiss my hand make love
Won't stop til you say so
No need to speak
Just let it go

I'll help you feel it...

(Let it go)
(I'll help you feel it)




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